ineo Connector for Google Apps™

Connects your ineo multifunctional device to Google Drive™ and Google Mail™

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All Google Cloud services are extremely popular, but especially the cloud mail, storage and document editing services used in many offices. This smart app enables your multifunctional device to interact with your Google workspace so you can print mails from Google Mail™ or scan paper documents as mail attachments. When it comes to document storage, Google Drive™ allows you to create, access and collaborate on digital documents anytime, anywhere. With this app document collaboration starts at the ineo device. Print your documents stored in Google Drive™ and fill your cloud storage straight from the ineo panel! Connect your ineo device to Google Apps™ and save time for more important tasks!


  • Scan documents conveniently into your Google Drive™ cloud storage
  • Preview and print out PDF or Google-type documents, spread sheets and presentations from your Google Drive™ Account
  • Directly access your Google Mail™ account straight from the ineo panel and scan documents as an e-mail attachment
  • Send scanned documents via Google Mail™ to any destinations you want
  • Print out e-mail attachments from your Google Mail™ mailbox
  • Single-Sign-On functionality lets you automatically log into your Google™ account after device authentication, e.g. by using a card device, and avoids time-consuming manual input of access credentials.


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